POU Ultra-violet

Nimbus Water Systems incorporates modern technology to solve a problem that's been around for ages. Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, especially rural areas or areas which are not treated with municipal water systems. Nimbus UV Disinfection Systems protect you from harmful bacteria transferred through water. 

The TrojanUVMax™ product line represents the most flexible and reliable UV disinfection solutions available, used for such applications as homes, cottages, schools, nursing homes, and camp grounds. UV technology is a proven solution for contamination from harmful microorganisms such as E.coli, Giardia andCryptosporidium.

Using the leading-edge technology we build into systems that treat the water for water bottlers and large cities, we have developed a product that establishes a new benchmark. Take a look at some of the innovations pioneered by the TrojanUVMax™ product line.

At Trojan, we are committed to providing superior customer service, greater reliability, and the best product features available. For complete confidence in the water you drink, trust Trojan.

Overview of Models

The TrojanUVMax™ product line treats water flows of between 0.75 and 56 gpm* (2.8 and 212 lmp*), and comes with as few or as many features as you desire.

Features & Benefits of TrojanUVMax™

1. High output UV lamps.
The UV light is generated from a low-pressure, high-output lamp new to the residential and commercial UV market. These lamps provide a higher intensity of UV light making it possible to treat a given volume of water with smaller, more efficient units.

2. A unique water chamber design.
Trojan’s unique water chamber optimizes hydraulic performance and increases disinfections efficiency. Designed by computer simulation and validated by bioassay testing, the water chamber maximizes exposure to the penetrating light. With models to treat flow rates from 0.75 to 40 gallons per minute (2.8 to 151 liters per minute), TrojanUVMax™ is leading the next generation of residential and commercial UV systems.

3. New power supply technology.
Electronic advances in Trojan’s power supply offer flexibility over a broad range of voltage supplies (90-265v). In addition, it can withstand fluctuations in voltage that most power supplies are unable to tolerate while maintaining lamp intensity to ensure continuous disinfections.

4. TrojanUVMax™ reminds you to replace the lamp.
To help remind you when to replace the lamp (it is important to do it once every year), Trojan has incorporated visual and audio signals. And, at any time, the display will tell you how many months the lamp has been in use. Should your lamp ever fail, your system will automatically sound an alarm.

5. New UV intensity monitoring device.
The premium version, TrojanUVMax™ Plus™, incorporates brand new and innovative UV intensity monitoring technology. The new design enhances the reliability and accuracy of this optional safety feature. Flow restrictor* (optional) water treatment dealer for for more information.

6. Certified by NSF International
Some models of the TROJANUVMAX have been tested and certified to NSF Standard 55 Class A. This is the only UV system to have met the rigorous requirements of this Standard. This is your assurance that the TROJANUVMAX will provide safe drinking water. 

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