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At Nimbus we take pride in the fact that we can be very responsive to the individual demands not only of our customers, but of the industry as a whole. Our primary goal is to consider the needs of the people involved with our product once it leaves the factory. It is the installer, the service technician and the consumers we look to whenever we create a product. Thus, we’ve been successful by remaining “human”. We are responsive to the needs, goals and ambitions of our customers and our industry because we have a commitment to provide not only the highest quality product, but a product that is acceptable and untroubled for every person in the consumer chain.

At Nimbus Water Systems our many innovations have not only created the point-of-use reverse osmosis water treatment market but also improved the market while setting industry standards. As you read about the many innovations that Nimbus Water Systems has introduced over the years, you will see that these innovations are unique to Nimbus, and were created in response to the needs of the consumer and the industry.

In order to fully appreciate many of the innovations, first let us introduce you to the man who started it all, Mr. Donald T. Bray, founder of Nimbus Water Systems and Desalination Systems Inc. Mr. Bray has a B.S. and M.S. in chemical engineering and in 1951 graduated at the top of his class from Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology. Mr. Bray is considered to be the grandfather of membrane technology.

Mr. Bray’s experience includes many years as a project engineer in research and development with Union Carbide and Carbon Co., stationed in Rome, Italy. In the early 1960’s prior to forming Desalination Systems, Inc., he headed the Chemical Process Group at General Atomic, a division of General Dynamics where he developed the spiral wound membrane.

In 1966, Mr. Bray founded Desalination Systems Inc. and actively pursued bringing point of use reverse osmosis to the world market. After years of membrane research, Mr. Bray created the first spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane. This breakthrough was instrumental in bringing reverse osmosis to the market, and for the first time a viable and reasonably priced water purification system was made available for home use.

In 1968 Mr. Bray patented the first reverse osmosis home system. This system was marketed by a new company founded by Mr. Bray, Nimbus Water Systems. Since that time Nimbus has continued a leadership role in the industry. Nimbus Water Systems is a member of the Water Quality Association and where members of the ad-hoc committee that developed the W.Q.A. national standards for drinking water systems.

Through the late 1960’s, Nimbus Water Systems continued to introduce several other innovations. The diaphragm water/ water tank, the zero-brine system, the capability feed brine control unit, and the diaphragm water/air tanks were just a few of these innovations.

In 1970, Nimbus Water Systems introduced the first generation of N3A, a uniquely engineered home reverse osmosis system. The membrane cartridge, flow controls, tank pressure relief valve, post filters, and product water check valves are housed in a single pressure vessel.

In 1975 Nimbus Water Systems introduced the first automatic shut-off valve for use with reverse osmosis systems. This allowed reverse osmosis systems to automatically start up and shut down, thus saving water. Previous to this invention, systems would send water to the drain continuously even once the tank was full.

The 70’s also included the introduction of the first low pressure system, several new membrane cartridges, methods for cleaning semipermeable membranes, the pressurized storage tank, the air-gap in an air-gap faucet, and the process of casting membrane directly onto the backing material, thereby allowing us to ship and store membranes dry. This innovative procedure gave our membranes a substantially longer life. Several of our competitors still ship membranes that are wet and only glued to a backing material, which have higher failure rates especially when exposed to adverse conditions.

The 1980’s brought both a leap into the future and a reincarnation of the past laboratory systems. During the 80’s Nimbus Water Systems saw potential in the Canadian marketplace and set up various dealers across Canada.

In the 1980’s Mr. Bray experimented and field tested several hundred systems of the type of our current CS configuration. Although he felt these systems were outdated by the introduction of the N3A, especially for the dealers with aggressive rental and service programs, he allowed the CS to come out of the past and back into the field in 1985 because of the industry demand. Mr. Bray realized that the CS configuration had its place in the market for the consumer that wanted to service their own system. However, Nimbus didn’t settle for an outdated CS system with just a pre and post filter and reverse osmosis membrane configured in a standard industry set-up. With the addition of the patented shut-off valve, internal flow restrictors and an internal pressure release system, the CS system became a system of the 80’s.

In 1983 Nimbus Water Systems launched another first, the patented faucet mounted reverse osmosis mini unit, an ingenious portable unit that attaches directly to the sink faucet and produces purified water. This was the stepping stone for the Mini II, the Nimbus III and the Nimbus IV, all of which are portable products in the Nimbus line. Also in 1983, Nimbus introduced the stainless steel pressure vessel that prevented structural failures and extended the systems life.

In 1985 Nimbus Water Systems created the patented ChaRO 2000, for one of their distributors, Forever Living Products which distributes Aloe Vera Products. The ChaRO 2000 is a counter top unit that was the predecessor of the counter mate, a counter top unit designed by Nimbus Water Systems.

In 1986 Santo and Chrisoula Bozzo incorporated Nimbus Water Systems Inc. What started off as a small dealership in Toronto quickly grew to a successful business, servicing thousands of customers in Southern Ontario.

By 1990 Mr. Bozzo’s company became the exclusive Canadian distributor of Nimbus products and began expanding into international markets and extending its product line up. The product line expansion opened new opportunities in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In the 90’s Nimbus Water Systems introduced their sanitary quick change cartridge systems. This launched the Sierra line of reverse osmosis residential systems and the Cascade line of carbon filtration system. These units allowed for quick, easy sanitary service by the consumer.

In 1996 Mr. Bray’s Desalination Systems Inc. a primary manufacturer of membranes used for reverse osmosis, nano filtration, ultra filtration and micro filtration was acquired by Osmonics. Then in 2003 the General Electric Company (GE) acquired Osmonics.

In the 90’s Nimbus Canada entered the water vending business by opening and setting up various water stores. The success led to the introduction of a water vending machine program in 2000, which led to the exclusive Canadian distributorship for the reverse osmosis water vending machine.

In 2003 Nimbus Canada launched a new improved stainless steel membrane housing for residential systems. This housing gave way to the NuVola line of reverse osmosis systems. To this day Nimbus remains the only company that offers a stainless steel reverse osmosis system.

In 2004 Nimbus Water Systems launched the first under counter reverse osmosis system to incorporate a leak detection system, alarm and automatic water shut off. This unit was an automatic hit. The new Sierra model incorporates reverse osmosis water purification and leak detection in one economical unit.

Today both the United States office and the Canadian office continue to offer the best products, quality and service. Both companies are still owned and operated by their original founders Mr. Bray and Mr. Bozzo. Their commitment is second to none in the industry. In the United States the company is managed by Mr. Bray’s son-in-law Anthony Capone and the Canadian company is managed by Mr. Bozzo’s son Peter Bozzo, whom was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Water Quality Association in 2005. Anthony Bozzo another of Mr. Bozzo’s sons currently heads their marketing and advertising division. Both companies continue to work closely together to ensure the best coverage of the North American marketplace while continually expanding into international markets.

Nimbus continues to expand and currently serves the majority of large corporations such as Husky, Maxxam Analytics, Bayer, Canadian Tire, Loblaws, Xerox, Federal Express and many fortune 500 companies and encapsulates reverse osmosis membranes for companies such as GE.

As the years pass, we at Nimbus look back at decades of invention, innovation, and development. With several patents pending, we look forward to the future, and will continue to be a big part of the advancement of the reverse osmosis industry. With our superior product, research and development, we will continue to be OFTEN IMITATED but NEVER DUPLICATED.

About the Author Peter Bozzo is a water specialist for Nimbus Water Systems Inc. He is on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Water Quality Association and has served the industry for over 15 years. He can be reached toll free at 1-877-787-9287 or via e-mail peter@nimbuswatersystems.com.

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