A Word on Water

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? Are you eating organic foods? These are amongst common concerns today, but what about water, it’s the most overlooked nutrient of all. In a recent survey two out of three people knew they should drink at least eight glasses a day of water. Three out of four, however, admitted that they were not drinking enough water.

Water is vital to our survival, it is second only to the air we breathe. Water is necessary for every bodily function. We can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our bodies are 2/3 water by weight. You are what you drink, and it’s time to take a closer look.

The greatest area of concern about water is pollution. In a recent survey 78% of people were concerned about the quality of their water. Considering the fact that water is polluted most people are concerned about what treatment method or type of water they should use. Unfortunately people find it difficult today making a comfortable decision due to misinformation in the marketplace and usually end up buying bottled water which may be of questionable quality.

Let’s consider the most commonly used methods:

Bottled Water is not the answer. Depending on how it is collected or prepared, it may be of questionable quality. Tests indicate that most bottled water does not meet the same standards as tap water. Additionally, all bottled water, even the best, is inconvenient to buy and store.

Filtration Devices containing carbon remove only a small percentage of the pollutants, usually those that cause bad taste or odour. The filter device can actually be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, Filters of this type can create a false sense of security since the water coming out of the filter can actually be more contaminated than the water going into it.

Distillation can be used to make pure drinking water; however, this method is expensive to install and consumes costly household electricity.

Reverse Osmosis is the best way to achieve pure drinking water at a reasonable cost. Reverse Osmosis Systems employ a high density membrane to block out contaminants and a granular activated carbon filter for polishing. When water is applied to one side of the membrane only water molecules pass through, bacteria, viruses and hundreds of other pollutants are held back or eliminated through the waste outlet.

When performance is combined with cost, a Nimbus Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System is truly the best way to purify water. Nimbus Water Systems have helped thousands of people to get pure water. It was Nimbus’ president Don Bray that patented Reverse Osmosis technology in 1968. Nimbus Water Systems are certified, tested and validated by the Water Quality Association and have NSF approval.

Peter Bozzo

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