10 Truths You Should Know About the Water You Drink

Facts about drinking reverse osmosis water

1. Pure, safe drinking water is essential to life.

- "More than 700 potentially harmful minerals and chemicals have been found in North America's drinking water."

2. Minerals in drinking water are not good for you! Our bodies need minerals but only in their organic state. They must first pass through the roots of plants and become organic minerals before our bodies can assimilate them. There is a big difference between drinking dissolved inorganic iron filings in water and consuming the organic iron in plants, vegetables and fruits.

"In my opinion, the cause of many kidney stones is heavy, hard chemicalized water, saturated with calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals. "

- The Shocking Truth About Water- Patricia Bragg, Ph.D.

3. The Aquifer (water table) as well as our natural spring water and municipal water sources are polluted with chemical contaminants, inorganic minerals and other Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS's in your water include: harmful substances such as inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chemicals, and human or animal feces.

"You and I must awaken to the fact that never again will it be a birthright to clean, pure drinking water at any time, at any faucet; whenever we want it - never again!"

- The Shocking Truth About Water- Peter S. Morgan

4. Chlorine byproducts are carcinogenic. Over 75% of North America's houses are supplied with chlorine treated water, in order to "control" deadly micro organisms.

"A 1992 study published in the American journal of Public Health, pooling the results of 12 studies, demonstrated a positive association between consumption of chlorinated byproducts in drinking water and bladder and rectal cancers in humans. The study concluded that 18% of all rectal cancers (6500 cases a year) and all bladder cancers (4220 cases a year) could be attributed to chlorinated byproducts. "

- Health and Healing - Dr. Julian Whitaker

5. Many harmful microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium are present in our water and are resistant to chlorine treatment. In 1993 over 403,000 people in the US were infected by the parasite, and over 100 died.

6. Ozone is 100% effective at eliminating microbiological contamination. Ozone kills all viruses - chlorination cannot. Ozone removes unpalatable tastes and disinfects water without chemicals and quickly dissipates from the treated water leaving no trace - and it's environmentally friendly!

7. Even your shower is not safe! Noxious chemicals, heavy metals and volatile gasses (such as radon - linked with cancer) also pollute tap water. Solution: install a shower filter.

"Showering and bathing may expose you to more of the harmful chemicals in tap water than actually drinking the water! Not only are they absorbed through your skin - these harmful chemicals also evaporate, returning to their volatile gaseous form, which you then inhale when you breathe in the steam. According to research presented at the American Chemical Society, your exposure to these chemicals by breathing the air in and around your shower is up to 1 00 times greater than by drinking tap water. "

- Health and Healing - Dr. Julian Whitaker

8. Water should he treated at the "point of use" (POU) because both the municipal water system and household plumbing can contaminate the water supply with heavy metals such as lead.

"Too much lead in the human body can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells. You have the greatest risk, even with short-term exposure if you are a young child or you are pregnant. "

- US Environmental Protection Agency - Lead In Your Drinking Water

9. Water sourced from glaciers, mountain streams or natural springs, whether bottled or fresh, is not free from inorganic minerals or microorganisms unless purified. In their natural state these water sources are neither absolutely safe nor pure.

10. Water from the Purified Water Store is safe and pure; free of inorganic minerals, chemicals, as well as deadly microorganisms. Our state of the art, 5 stage process includes reverse osmosis and ozone sterilization, making our water "as pure as pure can be." We regularly test our water to ensure that it is pure and safe to drink.

Questions, Answers, Facts, and Benefits of Purified Water


A: In some areas, the toxic substances in tap water pose an obvious and serious health threat. In other areas, where the tap water is better, the health threat still exists but is harder to pin down. However, all drinking water that is consumed straight from the tap does pose a health threat to some degree. This alone is a good enough reason to be concerned about your drinking water.


A: There is no way to know for sure whether toxic substances have been used in a given area. The water may originate from another area where toxic substances have been used. Some of the chemicals used to treat water and make it safe are themselves harmful, and water pipes within and outside of the house can also deposit pollutants into the water.


A: There are five types of health-threatening water pollutants:

  • Micro Organisms,
  • Toxic Minerals and Metals,
  • Organic Chemicals,
  • Radioactive Substances
  • Additives


Micro organisms include harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. They can cause such diseases as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and flu.

The microorganisms commonly found in water are protozoan parasites. The two most common and troublesome of these are called Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Both of these parasites cause mild to severe gastrointestinal symptoms in healthy people. In people with impaired immune systems, they can be life threatening. Parasites can be present in tap water even though a water treatment plant is operating properly.

In spite of the effective elimination of bacteria in public water supplies, other microorganisms in the water can be a serious health hazard.


High levels of nitrates and nitrites in water usually occur in agricultural areas where large amounts of fertilizers are used and livestock are raised. High levels of nitrates and nitrites cause "blue baby" disease in infants and intestinal disorders in adults.

Toxic minerals can enter a water supply from naturally occurring sources in surface or ground water; they can come from industrial discharges, run off from urban and agricultural areas and from the walls of water mains; and they also can come from sources within the home. Metal pipes, joints and plumbing fixtures, especially sink faucets, are frequent sources of toxic mineral pollution.


There are roughly 100,000 different manufactured, or synthetic, organic chemicals in commercial use today. They include synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, paints, fuels, plastics, dyes, flavorings, pharmaceuticals and preservatives, to name a few. Many of these chemicals are toxic, and thousands of them have been found in public water supplies. Often, pollution of a water supply by synthetic chemicals has no obvious source, yet toxic chemicals are present.

One type of organic chemical is particularly dangerous. Volatile organic chemicals, or VOC's, are absorbed through your skin when you come into contact with water, as in a shower or bath.

Chlorine, which is in essentially all Canadian tap water, combines with organic chemicals to form a category of toxic pollutants called THM's (for trihalomethanes).

THM's are known carcinogens-substances that increase the risk of getting cancer-and they are present at varying levels in all tap water.


Man-made sources of radioactive minerals in water are nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons facilities, radioactive materials disposal sites and docks for nuclear-powered ships. An unreported area of radioactive pollution comes from hospitals all over the country, which are allowed to dump low-level radioactive wastes into sewers. Some of these radioactive wastes eventually find their way into water supplies.

While radioactive minerals in water may present a health hazard, a far more dangerous threat exists in the form of Radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring gas that is the by-product of the decay of radioactive minerals. It is present in all water in minute amounts, and it is especially concentrated in water that has passed through rock strata of granite, shale, phosphate or uranium.

Radon is a known cancer-causing agent. When present in household water, it evaporates easily into the air and is inhaled. The effects of radon inhalation are now believed to be more dangerous than those of any other environmental hazard.

Information compiled from The Drinking Water Book; Colin Ingram, 1991

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